Why Own A Schneider Shrub and Tree Care Franchise?

At Schneider Shrub and Tree Care, you aren’t just buying a business, you are buying into a team. We work hard to make sure you have all the training and resources you need to be fantastically successful in your market


Ongoing Training and Support

We believe in continual development, innovation, and betterment, which means that we provide ongoing educational opportunities to improve sales, operations, techniques, expanded service offerings, client service, and much much more. Along with our annual training opportunities, we have digital training programs that are available to you to better yourself and your team.

We also support our Franchisees through, our initial opening period, usually 30 days with onsite support and video and phone conference support. You and your launch team will be working together closely to help you have a successful opening of your location. This team will also help you if any problems or challenges arise as you transition in to the day to day operations of your business. We are always here to help you and your team with support.



  • Understanding Marketing
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy
  • Most Effective Marketing for your business
  • Costs and Benefits of Marketing
  • SEO, SEM and Social Media
  • Access to Marketing Material

Operations - Understanding the rig

  • Basic Pesticide Safety (Operators should already be licensed applicators for their state(s))
  • Hands-on setting the rig up for the day
  • Performing basic task (Hands-on)
  • Filling the tanks
  • Adding Products
  • Flushing the Real
  • Spraying Trees / Shrubs (Technique)
  • Fertilizing Trees / Shrubs (Technique)
  • Backpack Sprayers
    • Understanding Basic Task (Classroom)
    • Filling the tanks
    • Adding Products (What can be added with what)
  • Basics of what treats what and what doesn’t
  • Basic Maintenance of the rig
  • Spraying Trees / Shrubs (What is legal, what works)
  • Fertilizing Trees / Shrubs (What to watch out for, what is legal)
  • What can I do with leftover products in the tanks

Operations (Getting the work scheduled, completed and Billed)

  • Understanding the flow of work through the CRM
  • Waiting List Jobs vs. Package Jobs
  • Adding a contract to a Client
  • Using the Waiting List
  • Scheduling the Jobs
    • What is the expected Client Contact
    • Is there a notification requirement for neighbors?
    • What can I put with what (Depends on size of rig)
  • Closing out day
    • Tracking job times, drive times, and load / unload times
    • Tracking Chemicals
    • Tracking Costs
    • Billing the client
  • Posting Payments

Overview of insects and diseases in your area

  • Understanding the top 10 Diseases
  • Understanding the top 10 Insects
  • Insecticides what to use for what
  • Fungicides what to use for what
  • Antibiotics what to use for what
  • When to inject vs spray
  • Growth Regulators how/why do they work?

Biotic and Abiotic Problems with shrubs and trees.

  • Tree and Shrub Biology
    • Understanding Growth
    • Understanding Stresses
    • Tree Structure
  • Pruning (The right way)
  • Plant ID
  • Diagnosis – the process
  • What you can’t diagnose

Several hands on days with actual operations

  • Different Type of Applications
  • Getting into the field and into the dirt
  • Scheduling, routing, completing work in the field
  • Sales calls, how they go in the field
  • Marketing and branding in the field

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